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not to say rogues and Harry V. [indecipherable] not only [indecipherable] among them.  I would not however if I could give [indecipherable] you have been in communication on so large a scale with the man, come to an open [indecipherable] with him with by what he would call spoiling his market.  Pennefeather would collect & send home all the Orchids wh. you mention whether you had any thing to do with the venture or not.  Let them come home in his name solely consigned to Lincoln.  I found by the way that he knew Stevens & so I sent him to sound [indecipherable] on the subject.  I enclose Lincolns lists.  Your name was not mentioned.  Green declines to have anything to do with sales and really I feel very doubtful whether it will be worth your while to be connected with the matter at all.  Now let me mention that all the plants that came in the Wardian case per Whampoa were in the very best condition for [indecipherable] the Orchids looking better than the specimens of the [indecipherable] & three species which shame had in my time for a [indecipherable] and all the three plants doing fairly well, but the large Ferns packed in two [indecipherable]

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