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The same day with F's.  I am about to go abroad, most likely so before for the winter months & I may add the Spring months up to May June, but my letters will be opened by Sinclair & anything you may have to say to Green will be at once communicated to him.  I was going to India but the approaching troubles there have warned me off.  All my friends will be very busily engaged & I should be a nuisance to them.  Need I say that I am more than glad to hear that poor dear Isabella [indecipherable] has rallied.  A respite if for a few years only will be a very great blessing to her husband & children.  Tell dear Elizabeth that I am deeply obliged to her for her last cheery letter.  I will write to her in the course of a few days.  [indecipherable] is in Edinburgh in the hands of a clan Order who tells him that they will bring him round.  I am [indecipherable] uneasy about him nonetheless - I must not.  Bigibbum [?] looking wonderful, young & well [indecipherable] that now 

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