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[indecipherable] "by Gibbons".

You have learned before this by a day or two, that you are to have Lord Augustus Loftus as your new Governor.  I know nothing of him personally, but he had [indecipherable] a very difficult "role" in Russia & must be a clever man.  He is no doubt a very polished [indecipherable] & having dealt so long with such dissimulating & lying rascals as the members of the Russian Court & Ministry, must have become a very cautious & wary man, quite a match for Sir [indecipherable] who are become very [indecipherable] specimens of the [indecipherable].  He is a cousin of old Mrs. Onslow, the mother of Ld. O. & thro her I have become well acquainted with a quaint old [indecipherable] Lady his Sister Lady Anna Hay Irish Lady tho it seems a [indecipherable] because I never in society met with any one so thoroughly bohemian, or rejoicing in such an [indecipherable] brogue.  I presume Ld. Augustus has shaken off all that when I say that he is very poor & has sons of the Irish [indecipherable] type that is young men who spend in vulgar pleasures money that belongs to other people.  I have told you all that I know at present about him.  It was rumoured in London, & "muttered in Hell" that you were to have that unmitigated ruffian Pope-Hennessey.  I never believed it.  A [indecipherable] might have been disposed to throw over such a beastly duty but to catch the whole of the [indecipherable] is to

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