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this plan of obtaining well grown orchids seemed to me so far the best that I did not give [indecipherable] to have recourse to the people you recommended.  Green charged little enough for going up to London 9 times & twice to the Docks, nor was his Commission high, so I gave him £2 for the time he [indecipherable] in tending the plants & packing them.  He has been thus attentive & moderate no doubt in the hope of getting yr. custom.  You will see that there is one Dendrobium, [indecipherable] obtained from himself for £1.1.  At the sales it was [indecipherable] so much for Orchids.

I admire the pluck of Wm. Macleay & Onslow in going on this adventure [indecipherable] & if I had been in Sydney in spite of my [indecipherable] I would have gone too, but I confess that I am very sorry that Arthur has gone & shall be not a little glad to hear that he has returned safe & sound.  I shall be in no little anxiety about him

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