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and probably I shall see him in time [indecipherable] tomorrow to let you know what these Orchids brought.  V. [indecipherable] them as most beautiful things sent him by [indecipherable] correspondent Sir William Macarthur.  I do not think that he should have mentioned you [indecipherable] in this way & shall tell him so.  I have had a few things almost all [indecipherable] & small, from State of Brisbane, but nothing from Moon.  What I wanted from this list was my own plants, left in his case which no doubt in his [indecipherable] was taken possession of by some other party.  I particularly report large plants of [indecipherable] & a [indecipherable] like foliaged Pandorea from the Lachlan ranges tho these things I could get & may yet.  Moon [indecipherable] have written & told me that they had been stolen.

[Cross-hatched writing]

They will [indecipherable] thank God, but you know what goats the English people are.  They will decry all party [indecipherable] & fall [indecipherable] upon their Philanthropy, & still cling to the [indecipherable] women of doomsayers will fall down & adore them, but good bye dear old friend,

In most affy. yrs.

Geo. Macleay

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