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affection.  She said & said very truly & seemed was very much disturbed when she said it, that there were only two of you now left of the family, both advancing in years, & it was sad very sad that that there seemed be such an estrangement.  She went on to speak of many things as to what there had been much [indecipherable] in her standing, but I told her that I thought, having had painful experiences in my own family of something not too similar, that a simple expression of a desire for reconciliation & return to old feelings, would be enough without [indecipherable] to bygones at all or attempting explanations.  What may come of my advice, which Parker seemed very anxiously to endorse, I have not.  I only know that your Sister seemed very deeply affected & very earnest in the matter.  Pardon me my dear Friend for thus very bluntly dwelling on 

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