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in the future that you will not [indecipherable] of sending home [indecipherable] the two cases you speak of as [indecipherable] should you still do so.  I should mention that, though you may always make use of me & my services, I may be out of the way during the whole of the Spring as at present advised I think of going [indecipherable] after Xmas to some warmer climate for months but you may safely [indecipherable] them to Green who from his having held a nursery [indecipherable] is likely to make a better [indecipherable] than I would with Bull or any other man in the trade.  He knows all the nursery men & their rascally ways well.  Your kindly present by the Whampoa, was it? did not turn out well.  I doubt now very much whether anything is alive.

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