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of which [indecipherable] the plant than is but small - according to your kindly expressed desire I send a list of my desiderata tho' the reason you assign for [indecipherable] cannot but make me sad.  We have lived together or corresponded & [indecipherable] & respected one another, dear good old friend, for now some 50 years & upwards.  The [indecipherable] & thus the nature before long.  If I ensure you, it cannot be but for a very few years, & yet I cannot bear to think of the separation, writing as I do now brings tears into my eyes.  I can but [indecipherable] God to spare you yet that we may both go together.  It is not right of me however to indulge [indecipherable] expression of my feelings after this fashion for it can do no good to either of us, & so to business again.  I note what you say about the Wardian case & do not I assure you [indecipherable] the amount of the freight.  I may but mention that you are right, the years

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