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Pendell Court
Feby 18th

My dear Friend

I am in receipt of your hand written letter of the 24th of December, written on the very day on which the St. Osyth arrived I believe in Melbourne.  I heartily wish tho this were [indecipherable] that she had got in a week before, that I might have heard something of the state of the Leys envoi of Orchids, for I now find upon referencing your letter & lists that I cannot [indecipherable] missing lessened selection until I hear from you the present result of his mode of packing

The Honble.
Sir William Macarthur M.L.C.

[In left margin]
to [indecipherable] give them all my best love.  I have the Stirlings stopping with me.  I had Erskine & [indecipherable] to meet them here last month & we had no rest of [indecipherable].

Frm yr affly

Geo: Macleay

[indecipheraboe] has another Boy.

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Ready for review