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Pendell Court,

My dear Friend

I wrote to you last week by the San Francisco route but I send you a few words now in recognition of your long & welcome letter of the 3rd of Aug. which came to hand yesterday.

Let me first of all congratulate you upon your progress towards recovery from your painful attach of indigestion, recovery now made perfect I hope.  I have nothing more than these gastritis affections of which I have at different times had my share as I recollect & the worst at

The Honble
Sir William Macarthur, M.L.C.

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I saw a letter from [indecipherable] to Forster the other day in which he sent a message to me that he had no rare plants on hand.  I only wrote to him for [indecipherable] plants I had left in his charge & such things as [indecipherable].  I believe [indecipherable] all for Platycerium grande.  I have a Box [indecipherable] from Hill but as ship the"Beler" [?] left Brisbane in 

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