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Green has been here on visits for the last two or three days preparing your second box of Peat.  There will be packed in the same some tubers of Nymphaeas & Nuphars and plants just arrived from India of various Dendrobia Saccolabia, [indecipherable] &c, from 20 to 25 vars. in all. wh. I am very happy to send you as presents.  They have abundent life in them, tho dry, & I think will carry well in the Peat.  I have a good many Orchids in blossom just now, Dendrob. Nobile very beautiful in large masses & Dendrobium Crassinode & D. Fimbriatum Ocullatum [Occulatum] with some others not quite so showy as these.  I expect before long to get supplies of Orchids from Central America & I shall be delighted to send you some.  Some have to [indecipherable]

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