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parallel of Greenland, and yet the smallest modicum of animal life, never setting eyes on a Bear or their deer, a [indecipherable] or any of the [indecipherable] family, except in Museums & how we never saw a pretty woman from [indecipherable] to [indecipherable] & yet in spite of [indecipherable] general degeneracy of aspect were pleased with these simple minded & kind hearted people.  If of all these things I did not tell you, I am too lazy I am afraid to do so now & if you should you feel any desire to obtain information on these points I will even refer you to a letter I wrote to my Brother William on my return.  Nicholson subsequently went to Russia - by the way we took Denmark on our way home together and very speedily in Copenhagen got rid of my sympathy for the poor Danes.  A more fanatically [indecipherable] set it is impossible to imagine.  The consequence of which feeling is the total absence of patriotism among the [indecipherable] and wealthy

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