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a [indecipherable] spoilt after luck and lady depart life, for the dull formality of England.  This trip has had all the charm of "Bush" for me & I hate to don stiff coats & regular ties, after [indecipherable] jackets & occasionally, most frequently, no ties at all.  I have nothing in the gardening way to tell you.  Green's letter enclosed will tell you about as much as I now myself of the state of things at Pendell.  As to the political state [indecipherable] Salisbury's speech on the issue of the 30th of April or 1st of May, I [indecipherable] & you will get an admirable summary of all that has lately [indecipherable] going on.  Britain's domestic troubles must be nuts to the rest of Europe.  God grant that [indecipherable]

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