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of salt water [indecipherable] which to [indecipherable] right have been shaken or washed out.  That beastly Mate who we thought we had bribed sufficiently should have placed the case above or below the reach of salt water.  Again he [indecipherable] have put the other cases in the Coal [indecipherable] where there is always a [indecipherable] amount of heat generated from [indecipherable] fermentation.  I really despair of success for the future after such a signal failure in a case when as we thought every possible precaution had been taken.  I shall suggest to Veitch [indecipherable] to pay double or treble freight to secure a perfect place of stowage for his "envois".  It is well now that I did not go to [indecipherable] as I felt very much [indecipherable] to do, to prevent his sending

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