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to Chelsea yesterday, but found both Harry & his brother, another Peter I think, absent.  I saw however their Chief Clerk, a man named Kent from this neighbourhood whom I introduced to them & from him I learned that a second instalment of the return Orchids had been sent out in the "Parramatta", your boxes he said, on 27th of Aug. With all this however you are of course now well acquainted.  I gathered from him that more were in preparation for you & I urged him to tell V. that I especially recommended the "Whampoa" for the next consignment.  I gathered from him that a certain amount of dead plants were found in each of the boxes sent by you, not a large proportion, but what proportion he either could not & would not tell me & I did not like to press him, but it might seem that I was pumping him in his Principal's absence, that no one but themselves had plants of any D. Superbiens, that [indecipherable] D. Bigibbum, Superbiens was

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