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[indecipherable] to overtake them all sooner or later, and I [indecipherable] deserving of them all!  But accept their evils?  One's friends [indecipherable] for them.  Of course they are and at this present time I am in great distress on account of others.  You recollect good [indecipherable] kind genial John Peter.  His health is [indecipherable].  He seems to be suffering from a complication of disorder & I do not think can be long with us.  Do not mention this please to anyone, as the echo of such a [indecipherable] from the Colony might have a very bad effect on him.  Poor William Bestow too is going.  He has rallied wonderfully of late, but a few weeks will I think in the end.  Do you recollect him in the [indecipherable] days of his youth?  Alas! poor Yorick!  I have other friends alas, whom you do not know, who cause me great anxiety, so after all personal exemptions from evil does not [indecipherable] happiness!  So much to account for my present low spirits, and as a consequence a very stupid [indecipherable].  How I envy your wonderful equanimity.  

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