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Green is not a man of capital, so I will advance for you the necessary funds at the rate of £25 per annum.

By the way you will see from the attached letter that Veitch after all sent you the orchids which had come for me from the Straits.  I had determined to send them to you when they first arrived but afterwards altered my mind & decided upon sending you purchased orchids to the amount of my contribution to yr. collection, when I wrote to Veitch for the lot.  I got the [indecipherable] letter.  I am glad, dear Friend, that you hence got them.  They were but the "poor relics" of a large lot & I fear lin a bad state.  I note what you say about the peat & will communicate with Green on the subject.  Touching the [indecipherable] I did not dare to send you out any & am glad now that I did not.

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