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you again & again at Camden and come to [indecipherable].  They were dreams, were dreams!  I thought if this New Guinea expedition had turned out so well as to make a second desirable that I might join the party & pay all my dear friends at the Antipodes another and a longer visit, a dream indeed as things have turned out.  Thanks by the way warm thanks for all you tell me on the subject of this [indecipherable] that is thriving both William Macleay and Arthur Onslow very well, if any agreement took place between them, even without hearing a word on the [indecipherable] of the [indecipherable] from any one I should blame William Macleay

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please stir him up.  The enclosed 3 seeds are of a Palm which creeps up trees at Lagos, a [indecipherable] I suppose.

God bless you, good bye

Yr. affecte. friend 

Geo:  Macleay

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