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I expect also today 4 boxes of Burmese Orchids.  Should there be duplicates you shall have some of them also.  I am also going to put up a Wardian case of Frutescent things also, but by the way I had forgotten, I have yet to send you the Pelargoniums you want.  Green must now look out for them.  By the same vessel which took out Greens lot, the V.s. sent you at least Green says he saw cases on board from the V.s addressed to you.  What I presume are the last cases in connection with yr. grand exchange.  See no reason in the world, as they will  have had time to dispose of what you sent them.  This man of occasions by the way told me that they had disposed of none as yet.  Why give a Person [indecipherable] should not do what you propose.  You may [indecipherable] upon a [indecipherable] unless you are sharp.  Williams & Bull wil make a clean swap

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