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are coming into blossom, while my Camden Lagerstroemia have been the admiration of every body.  They are of such a good "blooming strain" to use Green's words.  D. Bigibbum shows a blossom bud, and D. Sumneri is [indecipherable], it does not appear to be known in England, it [indecipherable] not D. Superbiens.  Veitch in that case has a good [indecipherable] have yet of Aust. Orchids Dendbm. [indecipherable] , Bigibbum, Sumneri, Kingianum, Cucumerinum, Omissum & Linquiforme.  Any others you may have to spare I shall be very glad to get.  Tell me what I can send you.  Will you mention to Arthur with my love that Clayton & Bill have finished the [indecipherable] Memorial window, every satisfaction & that I have given directions that it should be shipped [indecipherable] addressed to him.  Will you give dear Elizabeth my love & tell her that I have got the Photos of the dear pretty little Boys, and that if the original George Macleay had been half as good looking as her little men of that name, his cause wd. have been a far more prosperous one.  It is astonishing how so timid a thing as the [indecipherable] of rightness kept me down.  Good bye dear Friend,

Yrs. affecty [indecipherable] 

Geo: Macleay

All the Robberts are here just now.

[Cross-hatched writing - left hand side]

as always.  I am glad [indecipherable] being 

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