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as at present advised & therefore look upon all such expenditure as quite thrown away. On the terms on which this property has been left to me. I look upon myself as a sort of Trustee for those who are to succeed me. I feel that I should lose no time in making a return on income - I will own to you, that if I were in Colony & resident on the property or even likely to see it often I should not have the heart to dismember it in this fashion, but to this condition must all large gardens near increasing Towns come at last & the sooner the change takes place then the sooner will the 99 years lease have expired.  I need not say that I am very sorry that you could not find anything among the plants there worth your acceptance.  I of course have no knowledge or suspicion where they could have gone, by the way while on the subject let me mention that I have had your "rusty" Maize leaf & will send it to Mr. Berkeley as you direct. I wrote some time ago to our friend Joseph 

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