as of present advised - I therefor look upon ... such (reproduction?) as quite ... (thro) away. On the terms on which this property has been left to me. I look upon myself as a sort of (master) for those who are to succeed me. I feel that I should lose no time in making a return on income - I will own to you, that if I am in Colony I... ... or I am likely to do it often I ... not the member at ... fashine. Not to the condition .... (layt) gardens near increasing Towns ... at last & the sooner the change takes place here the sooner into her GG (gardens? grass?).... Wednesday that I am... that you could not find anything among the plants there with your acceptance. I of course have no knowledge or suspicion where they could have (gone)... the way which nothing (but) just let me mention that I have said your "lusty" Man's (leap).... it to the Berkeley as you direct. Send on him (of) to our friend Joseph 

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