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sent before lived, but the [indecipherable] were all dead.  I am looking forward with much [indecipherable] to the new Dicksonias,  Fancy in my new Fernery, 50 feet by 26 or more, I have 7 Dicksonias & Cyatheas some 16, those you sent are of the [indecipherable] many of them 8 feet high.  I must [indecipherable] some of them to make room for those new [indecipherable].  They do fairly well leven out of doors, if taken in for the winter.  I have just got a large [indecipherable] from the sale at [indecipherable] Lady Dorothy [indecipherable] place, amongst those plants purchased there by Green for me are some magnificent specimens of new & beautiful [indecipherable].  I only got a few Orchids they were too high.  I have given Green a note of what you wd. like to have & he I hope will have a case ready for the [indecipherable] on her return.  I grow my [indecipherable] plants by the way in the moss & [indecipherable] the Ferns

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