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crosses my mind to [indecipherable] go out of my way to ask you about it, has Iris Robinson [indecipherable] blossomed in Sydney.  It grows with me a bright (indecipherable] evidently) plant but shows no tendency to blossom.  I have tried it in the Store & in the fern house.  [indecipherable] it & deluged it with liquid manure which killed it.  If it blossoms in Sydney, can you send a drawing of it to me.  Yesterday Green was at a sale at [indecipherable] & bout for £3 3 plants [indecipherable] good ones too of Grammatophyllum [indecipherable], a very rare Madagascan Orchid, the blossom spikes looking for all the world like a "combine of Chinese Mandarins", if they do well you shall have one of them.

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