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will grow, and some will probably flower enough to tell something what they are in sorting up, to the best of my judgement there seems something like twelve or fifteen different kinds, six seperate ones were labelled, viz, Epipactis rusifolia [Ruscifolia], Serapias, Orchis simia, O, Militaris, O. frisca, O. hircina, about 200 tubers in all.  I think you would also like to know that the Orchids from Seville last season are now flowering & very good they are, Ophrys speculum, and one or two I do not know, the indoor Orchids are coming on, tho' we have as yet very cold weather mixed with frost & snow.  Odont [Odontoglossum] Vexillarium showing fl. spike but will be several weeks about.  Trich. enairis with 10 flowers, and several others, the large Crinums are flowering in the tank, one had 26 flowers on one stem, this was much admired at S. Kensington on the 2nd inst.

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