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to your directions wh. I sent him.

We have had a dreadful winter, frightfully cold & destroyed playing the very mischief with plants which had I [indecipherable] for 3 years [indecipherable].  The Summer promises to be as bad in its own way.  We have now [indecipherable] by hot weather & no rain.  We are in trembling for the hay crops.  I have been very much [indecipherable] lately & have left myself but a few hours for writing.  Indeed I only came from London this morning whither I went to attend [indecipherable] wedding.  It came off yesterday, a grand affair, a crowded Church & choral service!! where I saw the sea of faces all turned upon the unhappy couple.  I would not but care to mind the expenses of Ld. Kilmarnock to house the [indecipherable] who attended him when he saw upon coming out on the scaffold the enormous mass of gazers.  "Howi this is terrible".  In what had [indecipherable] more matters are managed within modern times.  Except for the [indecipherable] I do not know [indecipherable] time in Roman's life than the hour of his marriage & to be made a [indecipherable] of at such a time!  It was dreadful.

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Pendell Court, Surrey

May 14.

My dear Friend

Let me first congratulate you upon your recovery from what might have been a prolonged & most troublesome & painful illness.  From what you say it seems to have been the result of the bite of some insect, probably of a Spider.  It is a great pity that you did not ascertain the fact by catching "the Cuss" at first.  What others might be in these [indecipherable] such a venomous beast.  by the St. Osyth which sailed last week you will have received - I write in the belief that she will make as good a voyage this time as her last - a case packed most carefully by Green.  [indecipherable] containing a very firm lot of established well grown Orchids.

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I do not like Arthur's going to New Guinea but I wd. have gone gladly myself had I been in Sydney.

With kindest but [indecipherable]

Fr. yr. affect. Friend

Geo: Macleay

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Sir W. Macarthur


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