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Pendell Court
July 9th

My dear Friend

I am in receipt of yours of the 13th of May.  I need not say that I was glad to hear a good account of the [indecipherable] to earn that dear Elizabeth had got well from her trouble.  [indecipherable] of news wh. I do not like is Onslow's going off to N. Guinea.  Had I been in Sydney most assuredly I would have made a [indecipherable] of the [indecipherable], but I flatter myself that I am a particularly quiet & prudent man, which Arthur I look upon as a very impulsive man.  I do not think that either he or William Macleay know what fear is & I can only say that I shall be glad very much when I hear that they both back in their respective houses.  This has been lately published in London &

The Honble
Sir W. Macarthur, M.L.C.

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the loss of the [indecipherable] Castle [indecipherable] much to be reputed.  I told you that [indecipherable] about 18 I think of the [indecipherable].  I ....

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