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I mentioned just now that we had left London in a great hurry.  The cause was this.  Most alarming telegrams had been sent over from the Authorities of the [indecipherable] in this Island respecting young Arthur Bellows health.  His Father could not conveniently leave England while we were "expedite" & as you know both of us much attached to him, so off we came.  As he goes out by this mail to Australia, I need say nothing about his health which I [indecipherable] no doubt will be fully restored before you see him.  His case had been greatly misunderstood & they were killing him secundum artria[?] in the Hospital where fortunately a friend came to the rescue, got him out & made [indecipherable] of a man of time in a fortnight.  Barbara has been feeding him up & we see a wonderful change in him for the better while 

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