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aim to provide [indecipherable] 5000 one [indecipherable] case for that [indecipherable], as it is from the [indecipherable] Green he has been selling plants of D. bigibbum [indecipherable] from £2 to £3, he will make a little [indecipherable] out of the transaction.  Green by the way tells me that he has given you the information on the subject of the [indecipherable] V's and [indecipherable] bought.  I recollect that I gave him instructions to be [indecipherable].  The plants you were good enough to give [indecipherable] and the Orchids are all in good order but are not pushing as yet.  5 of the Telopeas are doing well, one Croton beginning to flower & 1 [indecipherable] showing signs of life.  The [indecipherable] 

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