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Pendell Court,

forward with much interest to the drawing painting by Mrs. Forde or her sister is it? of your D. Sumneri.  I gather from you that you think it is distinct from Reichenbach's Superbiens.  At present I think it the same for Veitchs D. Superbiens & the D. Sumneri you sent to me have to be very much the same character [indecipherable] of much larger habit than any of the vars. of Bigibbum.  Williams has flowered Superbiens & Green saw it so when [indecipherable] we shall be able to form an opinion on the subject.  All [indecipherable] you sent me are doing well.  By the way the [indecipherable] of Orchids, this thing

[In left margin]
I am thinking of going to India in Nov. for a run in the Himalayas & in Cashmire.  If I can manage it I will of course write & let you know, if you could not give me [indecipherable]! or if I could not go on to [indecipherable] all again!


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