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I take nothing now from him, tho' I daresay that he will expect further orders if his second envoi arrives as I trust it may in good order.  How do I take from Low or Williams or Veitch, they are all so abominably expensive.  What I am doing I [indecipherable] has [indecipherable] to yourself.  I employ a man to attend the orchid sales at Staines, by which plan I get large flowering plants, in capital order for travelling and at about 1/3rd of the Nurserymans prices.  The man I employ is Nelson [indecipherable] an old gardener, who  has set up for himself at Reigate & who is very glad to get jobs from me.  I pay him 5 per cent on his purchases and his expenses, a plan which as he buys for me also, will cost you half only of very little.  He will also pack the same & I think

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