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man, being a feud with Hooker for giving evidence before a Scientific Committee which clashed [with his?] views, has either sought out [indecipherable] sought out by Ayrton & [indecipherable] him in a fresh assault upon one friend.  As I [indecipherable] intimate will to be [indecipherable] I am really very sorry for it [indecipherable] to business.  I have arranged for a small [indecipherable].  I do not like to take things from Kew now as gifts, tho they owe me a good deal, for such a [indecipherable] as Ayrton has his spies about I am sure.  To get a collection of Orchids from Kew for you & this is what Hooker alludes to in his letter.  I will therefore take out with me 3 cases in all, 1 from Saunders, 1 from Kew and 1 from Veitch.

Give my earnest love to all your dear Party.  As I am so soon if spared to put in an appearance

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