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above freezing point.  The effect upon the gardens [indecipherable] Europe has been very bad, while the number of them it has carried off who had weathered three [indecipherable] years & [indecipherable] is mounting [indecipherable], as far as I can judge the slaughter of the hundreds in my garden. i mean [indecipherable] from present appearances is not nearly so large as I had reason to expect, but we shall not know the result before the Spring.  The roses appear to me to have suffered most.  A good number of [indecipherable] graphs on the [indecipherable] storks have perished utterly.  Fortunately they can be very readily replaced.  The thaw came on the day before [indecipherable] day & many people flatter themselves that the winter has passed, but it is [indecipherable] for a sanguine man

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upon acres of the wild Hyacinth & I need not say that the effect of them [indecipherable] in early Summer is unexpectedly charming.

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