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[In pencil - 1875?]

April 13th

Pendell Court,

My dear Friend

I have to acknowledge your welcome letter of the 19th of Feby. by which I was glad to learn that yr. drought had broken up & that you were all quite well.  I have seen Ley here & got a promise from him to send you all the missing Orchids, good plants he declares they shall be & well packed, trusting the mode in which they were packed.  He says that he followed yr. directions as to the box &c., but as I challenged him to send me a copy of such directions and he has not sent them, I suspect in what he did, he was trying an experiment at your cost upon very insufficient experience or information on his own part.

The Honble.
Sir W. Macarthur, M.L.C.

[In left margin]

"sighted" already with "Sir Georgey".  No Windsor Castle yet, I am afraid that every thing into [indecipherable] dead.  I enclose a note from Hooker. a list of things I would like to receive yr. [indecipherable] to ask is too tempting to be resented.


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