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Broke Hall Ipswich
Sept. 22, 1865

My dear Friend

Your welcome letter of July has just reached me.  By the Marseille route I had heard from Arthur Onslow & was therefore in some measure prepared for the business part of your communication.  I had - to plunge " in Medias res" been led to expect from my Brother Williams conversations & letters that he would have left A.O. some ready money as well as the realision of the Elizabeth Bay Estate, and this money I thought, when I came to [indecipherable[ in the idea & hope of his being so fortunate as to become a member of your family, he might have settled as he ought upon the young lady.  I do not [indecipherable] it, but nothing is more likely than that I should have so expressed myself to you.  I cannot however call to mind any course [indecipherable] in with you on the subject of settlements, tho I frequently spoke not only of the desirability but the absolute necessity in my opinion of a gentleman in case of his marrying

James Macarthur Esq.

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