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only what its name [indecipherable] proved it to be a fine variety of D. Bigibbum & that D. Superbiens so packed [indecipherable] very well.  I begged of him [indecipherable] to take especial notice of the state of the plants on the opening of the next Boxes from C amden Park & to send you a report of their condition & I may mention that when the Box per "Whampoa" turns up, Green has my instructions to report to you his observations also. He writes to you 
tonight to let you know all that he has done in the way of purchases lately & how much he has laid out of the £175 which he & I had in our possession of your money - £5 of this by the way I paid now to himself. I do hope that he will be able to get a large lot away by the Whampoa.  The lot by the Chimborazo which only spent 44 days on route to Australia ought to 

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