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over.  All the hard wooded flowers are dead.  Saw the two  Lagerstroemia alta which are unlikely to [indecipherable], this plant by the way is not in England, & the [indecipherable] Fern is in a very doubtful state, two bulbs of the [indecipherable] Orchid are alive, & the Epiphytium Orchid, Dav. Bigibbum think, shows signs of life.  If this can alone come to be taken as a sample of saw dust packing, I should say give it up.  I do sense that Green's envois may be found in a very different state.  I enclose a letter from him which will show the present state of his dealings with you.  He has a lot of Orchids awaiting packing, the lists of which I believe he has sent to you & which I hope will go by 

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[indecipherable] to all your [indecipherable].  You must [indecipherable] 

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