[Page 192]

[In pencil - 1870]

Pendell Court,
March 20th

My dear Macarthur

The correspondence has dropped somehow or other I am afraid though my fault.  Somehow in writing to Elizabeth or Arlthur I got into the habit of feeling as if I am writing to the whole Family.  Heaven knows

Sir William Macarthur
&c &c &c

[Cross-hatch writing]

lately belonging to that poor fellow Hextor who was killed by Brigands at [indecipherable] near Taunton, and I daresay all the happier in the Country than in Town.  He & his wife have been recovered the shock of their son Ronald's death.  Peter is now pretty well again.  He of course holds his life on a very precarious [indecipherable].  I have given up the rifle for the last 3 years as well as all my old tastes

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