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told [indecipherable] he writes a much more legible hand than I do.  He has had £90 over of your £120 & has about £15 or £18 in hand to attend sales with while I am away for [indecipherable] but only just back from Scotland I am about to start on a fortnights cruise with three young ladies through Normandy.  With respect to this envoi by the St. Osyth, should it not arrive in good order I shall be in despair of ever doing good in that way in future.  By the way Green has by my [indecipherable] given the Fst Mate 10/ as a bonne main & told him that you would give him as much or more if the cases come to hand in good condition.  By the way before I leave the subject of plants, will ask you to send to England the white Lagerstroemia.  It is not known here.  I have the [indecipherable] but coming with blossom

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