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you were with us not only for the sake of the shooting, but for the [indecipherable] of the glens & hills which contains several Ferns & other plants such as Cystopteris, Limeum [?], Azalea &c. which are only found in these parts of Scotland.  I daresay however you would [indecipherable] give you them.  Your [indecipherable] for the shooting is first rate & most [indecipherable].  One party of 5 which by the way included Teddy Billyard bagged on the first day 12 [indecipherable] 42 falling to Peter's gun, & on the average every daytime.  I think the bag must have been at least 70 [indecipherable], tho we never go out before 12 oclock.  Sometimes back before 2.  There is not the same variety of game as we had last year at [indecipherable] but there is infinitely more of it, & yesterday my two neighbours, James sons, Ronald who has come home from India & who expects his Company every day, brought in from some distant hill 5 beautiful Ptarmigan & a bird I have never yet shot myself.  There is also no fruit attached to these shootings


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