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Pendell Court, Surrey.

June 10th

My dear Friend

I duly read your letter of April 15th of which [indecipherable].

Your second envoi of Orchids bt. at Stevens left on the 5th by a vessel of Dalgetys & Co., whose name just now having sent away the [indecipherable] I forgot.  Such forgetfulness being of no consequence however as I have given Dalgety & Co. instructions to send you the B. of Lading.  * They inform me by the way that they have given express directions that the case shall be put in an airy & dry a situation in the hold as can be found.  I do trust that you have been pleased with the lot by the St. Osyth & that you may be generally pleased with those now sent.  They are all large & in so many instances duplicates & more than duplicates

The Honble
Sir W. Macarthur

[In left margin]
*"Patriarch" B. of Lading now enclosed, [indecipherable] for £30.

Current Status: 
Ready for review