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part two.  I was lamenting in my last that the glossary says Platyceria [indecipherable] quite definite.  I now have from you the [indecipherable].  When I tell you that my new Fern House is 21 feet by 51 or 52, you will readily believe that I am open to any amount of Ferns, nor am I likely to [indecipherable] any of the new Vr. Augth. Orchids you speak of.  Those you have been good enough to give me are thriving, looking better in fact than all of Veitchs lot, which I [indecipherable] the other day.  V. himself was not at home, his Clerk told me that they had [indecipherable] but little of them as yet.  What a beautiful painting that is by Miss Frisk.  She is right about color tho'.  One of the [indecipherable] vase of Dend. Bigibbum sent out a small flower

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