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the labor [indecipherable] upon his position as Pres. of the Roy. Soc.  He has just started on a trip to America in company with another friend of mine General Strachey, for a rash thing to do at this season.  He married [indecipherable] a very charming person, Lady [indecipherable] & the other day his eldest daughter Harriet, a very pretty & clever girl married Thiselton Dyer, her [indecipherable] at Kew, a good fellow, [indecipherable] man [indecipherable] writing of her.  I was at his wedding & by some strange [indecipherable] among a host of incomparably superior men was pitched upon to propose "Sir Joseph & Lady Hookers health".  That is the worst of a grey beard & a handle to their names.  I find myself now always called upon on these occasions so dodge them as much as I can.  To return to business, I have noted what you have said about the boxes & the saw

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