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£2.10. more on your account.  He really has earned it.  At the same time I should tell y ou that when he went to Town he bought for me also, to the amount of £50, for which he also recd. a commission & further I should tell you that in June next or perhaps earlier he is to come into my service.  He will [indecipherable] always be [indecipherable] where my [indecipherable] asked to attend to the commissions of friends like yourself.  You will have learned that the first [indecipherable] sent by the St. Osyth wh. left on Sepr. 15th, the second by the Nemesis wh. left on Nov. 14th & the third by the Hangkow which left London today.  I trust that the two last steamers may have as good a passage as I doubt not the St. Osyth made

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