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and [indecipherable], Indian as well as American, & Cape Australia & other sub tropical shrubs been one & all perfect marvels of beauty.  The nittime was such a wealth of nightingales, the only bird by the way the Italians do not kill for the pot, that their music is [indecipherable] in my case still.  

You see that there is to be no [indecipherable] my part I have believed that there would be, Russia only just managed to get the [indecipherable] of poor misgoverned [indecipherable] & got sadly crippled in performing the job.  He had not a chance with England & she of course [indecipherable] it, but [indecipherable] to Gladstone & his party thank God small & now [indecipherable] discredited & to the chapter of incidents, has been trying a game of [indecipherable]

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