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with us for the English Summer, the highland Autumn (& the Continental winter if possible), but my dear wife's state of health makes me afraid now of pressing any such visitation.  She has no disease no organic complaint, but has completely lost the little appetite she had & of course has become painfully debilitated with feeble pulsation of the heart, cough, low fevor & sciatica.  Plenty of nourishment & Quinine are the remedies for this state of things, but nature with her seems to work against both the food & the medicine.  Enough of this [indecipherable], we are all in God's hands & doing all I [indecipherable] does in my power for her recovery, I must trust to His Infinite Mercy.

I have never yet been able to [indecipherable] Sismondi's Agriculture Toscane.  Williams & Norgate the Foreign Booksellers have advertised for it to come without [indecipherable], so I am afraid that we must give up the search as hopeless.  The name

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