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take as a present from me, as well as 5 [indecipherable] to be followed by 2 others of [indecipherable] of Lilies.  I am now collecting Ferns for my new House, the old one enlarged which will be 50 feet by 24 & I hope when filled & flourishing something worth looking at.  All your Neuropteris plants are alive & wonderfully well grown, but I am [indecipherable] at least a dozen more.  Your Platyceriums I mentioned have been unfortunate.  I think you will see that the vessel which brought them had come to grief & these things had suffered in consequence.  I shall be glad to get more & very glad to have to [indecipherable] of the rock work in the House, peelings from the [indecipherable] in the Nymphs Grotto

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& other fruit Trees turn out.  I am going to [indecipherable] fruits on a small scale.

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