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but the present job is too strong to make it necessary for them to do a duty action, such a new duty action as this would have been on the charm only of facing one or two suppositions [indecipherable] such men as this Pope Hennessey and Gavan Duffy [indecipherable] what names! are not popular with the home rule party, who to [indecipherable] them are all out spoken ruffians not likely to appreciate finessing, such as these workers have been guilty of.  What a very stupid business is this N.S. Wales Exhibition.  What now can you show that you have already exhibited in Paris & who will go round the world for such a tenth rate affair as this must prove.  I am the [indecipherable] of the Tradesmen who will go out like Bagmen to get orders for their wares.  It will cost the Colony too at least £100,000 before the affair is over, while Sydney certainly will not extract a third of this sum from the pockets of the visitors who will be attracted by the stand.

Messrs Berry & Pearson are I suppose about now due in London.  I am not without some hope that these pleasant men may have met some convivial spirits on board of the P. & O. boats & have landed in a state of D.T., something I feel satisfied will happen to them thence [indecipherable] of Frank [indecipherable].  These beastly beggars are [indecipherable] out of their saddles.  In the mean time I will give the Downing St. people are [indecipherable] by their advent in [indecipherable] disgust & anxiety

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I only hope that I may not set eyes on them before I [indecipherable] otherwise I am sure I [indecipherable] at the outset [indecipherable] in the Bay of Biscay.

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