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They are all decorés, with the exception of the dozen or so of the Englishmen who are here & tho with a strong general resemblance may be very easily classed [indecipherable] person into their three great divisions.  The gouty you learn by their bearing leaning on their sticks, & shuffling along in cloth shoes.  The gravely by their cowering in their houses tho they walk pretty well.  The "Diabetiques Sucrés" as they call themselves by their wasted forms, yellow complexion & anxious look.  The poor fellows form the [indecipherable] even of the assemblage, the [indecipherable] the middle aged & the gouty the Seniors, each of these divisions of invalids have the very peculiar springs.  I as one whose case fluctuates between those of the gouty & "grabelly fellows" have to imbibe at the "grand grille" the values of which if they are as efficacious as they are [indecipherable] would if found out by Kensington soon neutralise its speciality.  I never saw any fellow sufferers trooping down to the grand grille without being reminded of a meeting I had one very dreadfully dry year on the Murrumbidgee with a [indecipherable] of [indecipherable] at Gundagai.  I observed that at least one third of that whole 

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