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give of the political state of the Colony is very bad, but you will now be enabled to write many other stories while Manhood suffrage exists.  The process in Colony's of this integration & degradation the fact enough is not sufficiently so to  does not impress itself upon the minds of the dishonest & uneducated men whom this suffrage calls into Legislation existence.  If they could become frightened for their lives properly they have more to lose, as the Samaria M.Ps. one might look for a voluntary [indecipherable] of their powers, but there is nothing lower than themselves to alarm them, the spoliation the Members of the Samaria Assembly dreaded, the Members of the N.S.W. Assembly are looking forward to, so there is I fear no hope for us.  We must just grin & bear it.  Bribery of the Members might do something perhaps but where is the money to come from & who is there to manage it?  You would need a second Castlereagh.  What we are to have in the way of Reform here no party & no body seems to know what is more [indecipherable] but the extreme section of the House led by Bright really will [indecipherable].  Out of doors there is literally no expression of a desired [indecipherable] & within the House no man except the party aforesaid but what would be glad to see the question 

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