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but those which affected me most at the time.  I feel gaged on them & you are identified with most of them.  The first, Bell bird [indecipherable] gave poor Berkeley & I ran down a Kangaroo.  Then second, Illawarra scenes, more especially the fine view from the Mountain top.  Then the fine view of the Murrumbidgee Flats  where with [indecipherable] & so over.  Thank God nature still has the same charms for me.  Perhaps now I enjoy them more now in my old age than I did when I was younger, while the work of man becomes daily less interesting.  I was [indecipherable] to find how weary flat stale & inhospitable the French Exhibition seemed to me.  I was in Paris a week & grudged the portions of two days which I gave to it.  How touching what you say of 

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